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Web3 Community Project Manager

About the Role

Web3 Project Managers at Cartan Group are generalists with responsibility for supporting our clients through various public forms, support inboxes, moderating project proposals, collecting project requirements and progressing plans from idea, to development, to production. As a Web3 Project Manager, you will manage all aspects of our client projects which will require a strong understanding of Web3 infrastructure, tools and trends, as well as a practical sense of what works and what does not. You will be at the center of our most important conversations, capturing requirements, distilling complex ideas, and tracking decisions paramount to our client's success.

The ideal candidate is a highly motivated, collaborative, and execution focused individual who can support multiple initiatives and workstreams. You should have an entrepreneurial drive to overcome obstacles and achieve team-wide goals. We are looking for a problem solver, creative thinker and detail orientated. Ownership mentality is a must, someone who can roll up their sleeves, hit the ground running, and have no task too small for them.

Your Day-To-Day Will Involve

Your responsibilities will include helping our clients execute their goals, through meticulous requirements gathering, and operational support to our clients.

Requirement Gathering

  • Gather community proposals ensuring they adhere to client specifications
  • Ensure moderators are engaging the community and maintaining transparent communication channels
  • Obtain a deep understanding of relevant business areas to be able to ensure all proposals provide sufficient information for our analysts to provide well researched recommendations
  • Help moderators ensure our client's community forms have thriving discussions thrive
  • Work with moderators and analysts to ensure timely completion of community proposals are presented to the appropriate committees
  • Track all community members' activity
  • Ensure the moderators are incentivise our top community participants
  • Understanding of the main Web3 community platforms, specifically Discourse, Discord, Telegram
  • Understand technical options, limitations, costs, and risks to communicate trade-offs to all stakeholders
  • Work effectively with diverse teams to come up with the best solution and move people and organisations to act
  • Establish trust-based relationships with clients to better serve their organisations
  • Communicate effectively with all audiences, including senior leaders, in a structured manner
  • Stay current with financial technology industry market news and trends and apply existing and accumulated knowledge to ensure effective client relationship management
  • Lead special projects and carry out any other duties which may be required from time to time

Task Distribution & Analysis

  • Ensure any proposals that are approved are escalated to SnapShot
  • Ensure all topics on Discourse are promptly managed by the moderators
  • Analyse community engagement compared to proposals
  • Analyse the top trending proposals and document why
  • Deliver a weekly summary of all activity on Discourse and Snapshot
  • Develop a deep understanding of protocol layers, middleware applications, gaming and NFT players, DeFi and payments sector, and other divisions within the emerging landscape to inform your recommendations
  • Research the industry, identify critical shifts and evolving trends in the ecosystem, as well as their implications for the company and clients
  • Identify macro trends, conduct market research, and develop new investment theses, key performance metrics, and evaluate community growth
  • Hypothesise, plan and test experimental projects using blockchain and other decentralised technologies
  • Document new ideas and iterate on them quickly and openly
  • Communicate and collaborate with cross-functional teams
  • Develop weekly presentations on all activity across all platforms

About You

  • The ability to communicate well in writing is paramount. Most of your interaction with team members will be in writing. You will also interact regularly with the public on multiple public forums
  • You work well independently and remotely with minimal amounts of day-to-day micromanagement
  • You should be comfortable managing your own time and prioritising your own work
  • You have great customer service skills like responsiveness, follow-through, and empathising with customer needs. Taking care of customers is a high priority for you. You’re not afraid to ask for help or escalate a task if you find yourself stuck, but you take the time to learn so that you can take on the same task yourself if it comes up again
  • You should be someone that is detail-oriented and ensure loops or loose ends are completely closed. You must be comfortable managing multiple tasks and deadlines at once, but with the ability to find and focus on special projects during quieter times
  • Bachelor's degree with 5+ years of work experience in venture capital, private equity, accounting, management or strategy consulting, or financial services
  • Demonstrate broad understanding across the virtual asset landscape, and comfortable to own or be a go-to expert on a vertical, such as Defi, NFT/Metaverse, Infrastructure, or Layer 1/2 Protocols
  • Proficient in modeling, market-sizing, and presenting data-driven and qualitative analysis
  • Strong ability to manage multiple timelines and processes while being detailed-oriented
  • Strong ability and enthusiasm for writing documentation and creating presentations
  • Able to work comfortably with a significant amount of ambiguity with ability to provide clarity of direction despite this
  • Strong analytical, research, and critical thinking skills
  • Experience building, investing in, or working within the industry is a plus
  • Coding experience and knowledge is a plus
  • Excellent writing skills and ability to distill complex topics into clear, easy to understand messaging
  • Experience working with startup management teams and cross-functional executives, including product, engineering, legal, and finance

Bonus Points

  • Demonstrated passion and deep understanding of emerging trends within the industry via participation in web 3.0 or other forms of self-directed learning
  • Obsessed with entrepreneurship, the startup ecosystem, documentation, and learning new tools
  • Experience with virtual asset research, analysis, and other types of content
  • Engineering experience, preferably in or with blockchains

We're looking for more growth-minded and collaborative people to be a part of our journey. If you’re ready to give it all in helping us achieve our mission - we’d love to have you apply even if you feel unsure about whether you meet every single requirement in this posting. At Cartan Group, we're looking for people invigorated by our mission, values, and drive to change the world, not just those who simply check off all the boxes.

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