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Let's Work Together

We appreciate that you have come this far and look forward to meeting you. Please refer to our hiring process and interview tips to help you understand our hiring procedures and expectations.

How To Apply

Please send an email to and include the following information:

1. Tell us about yourself

Your full name, phone number, email address and physical address.

2. The opportunity you are interested in

Explain your understanding of the opportunity you are interested in, maybe outline the goals you would set to excel in this role.

3. Any publicly available profiles that showcase your industry expertise or experience

More important then a resume to us is your experience, the ability to think from first principles and willingness to engage. We therefore like to review the online presence of potential candidates and encourage you to include anything you are proud of that is publicly accessible (for e.g. GitHub, GitLab, LinkedIn, Podcasts, Blogs, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok).

4. Preferred location

Do you want to work from home or join us in the Cayman Islands?

5. One page resume

Please keep your resume to one page and ensure it aligns with the opportunity you are interested in. Ultimately, a resume is simply an introduction.

6. Introduce yourself and experience

Please send a short cover letter that clearly stipulates why you are interested in this opportunity, how your skills / experience can help us build a stronger team and your understanding of this role within our business model.

Next Steps

We take hiring new employees very seriously and are meticulous in reviewing the information you provide to us. We prioritise expertise over experience, experimentation over perfection and critical thinking over text book knowledge. Our recruiting committee will align your application with the opportunity applied and our hiring committee will look for cultural fit, willingness to engage, demonstrated problem solving skills and a take ownership mentality.

Cartan is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace in the Cayman Islands. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, colour, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, or gender identity.