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Cartan in the Community

Community @ Cartan

Our team dedicates their own time and energy to the community of the Cayman Islands.

"One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world." - Malala Yousafzai

Introducing Code(Cayman)

When Cartan was just an idea, we knew that we wanted to contribute to the local community in a meaningful and useful way. To that end, in our first year of operating we apprehensively set about our first Code(Cayman) programme. With no knowledge of whether we would fill our 12 person capacity, or if any interest would be shown at all, we forged ahead with creating our programme content for an underserved group in the coding world and Women.Code(Cayman) was born. We were overwhelmed by the response and our classroom was full to capacity; a waitlist was created and we’ve not looked back since.

Our second and hugely fulfilling programme was Youth.Code(Cayman). To be part of providing our youth with the tools to succeed in the future has been the most gratifying experience. These programmes are also oversubscribed and we look forward to helping guide the children that come through our doors with boundless enthusiasm and excitement to learn for years to come. Youth.Code(Cayman) is also taken to Cayman Brac when possible, to reach as many children of the Cayman Islands as we can. Our hope is that we can empower and inspire as many children as we can through to a career in coding that will benefit the them and community greatly in the future.

3 Years and Counting

3 years on, we have 8 programmes running throughout the year, some more than once in any calendar year. Along with Women.Code(Cayman) and Youth.Code(Cayman), Code(Cayman) is currently running:







Our Team

We love that our employees share the enthusiasm and volunteer their expertise and time, and we are always open to suggestions and ideas for expanding course content.

Many of our courses are taught by mentors who are not employees of Cartan; just community minded people that have a joy for sharing their knowledge for the want of a better future for all. We take great satisfaction knowing that Code(Cayman) is a two-way learning experience for both mentors and participants.

Code(Cayman) is a not for profit organisation. All mentors generously give their time for free, and our sponsors allow us to make all programs free of charge for all participants.

For all participants, Code(Cayman) sponsors a number of continuous learning certifications, provided by Google Coursera. These are online certifications that have unlimited potential and can set all our students on a course to success in their chosen area of interest. Learn more at Commit.Code(Cayman).